Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom — Adam Dunne is back and better than ever with his new single Cold Love! This marks Adam Dunne’s official single, you may remember Adam Dunne from his iconic 2017 hit “Way Above The Skyline” which serves as Adam’s single landing him an instant number one hit in Ireland for two months straight.

Adam Dunne has been working in the studio for the past three years and rightfully so after the insane hit ‘Way Above The Skyline’ had become across seas. This time Adam has left his electropop ways and now has converted into a more “chill-pop” vibe with Cold Love. Cold Love serves as Adam’s first single off his debut album Infernal.

Cold Love is centered around a complex feeling of wanting to belong but also be free of one’s self. Now if there’s one thing Adam knows how to do it! It’s a write a catchy pop tune. Cold Love is a masterpiece all around, from Adam’s vocals to the slick piano to the catchy drop and groovy bass this song will surely go down as an Adam Dunne favorite for us! Soak it up while you can cause we can exclusively tell you ALL new music will be dark pop! Will Adam be having his Lady Gaga (Born This Way) era?

Infernal is executively produced by Pual Saint but features production from Jake Engel, MANTRA, Elijah Punk & RyLee Mixes.



Cold Love essentially is a song about a one-sided relationship. It’s kind of talking about how people nowadays want the benefit of a relationship, but they also want the benefit of being single.
How they love to go to the clubs, how they love to go to the bar how they love the experience of being single but also still being depeneded on someone else.  – Adam Dunne – Cold Love (Pandora Commentary) 

Adam Dunne’s debut album is slated to be released this year. Collaborations, features, and more are still under tight wrap! But you can find all info regarding Infernal HERE!

Adam Dunne’s Pandora commentary will be out soon for Pandora premium subscribers but in the meantime come out from the heat and into the cold and stream Adam Dunne’s new single Cold Love today on all platforms.

Stream Adam Dunne’s debut single “Cold Love” here today.





Adam Dunne is an Irish singer songwriter Born in Dublin, Ireland. 
 Adam has been crafting in the music industry since the age of thirteen and working professionally in recording studios since age sixteen writing with artists. His musical background comes from being active in school talent show’s and local small venue performances throughout Dublin city when he was younger. 
 Adam started working professionally on pop music in 2016 working on various singles, music videos, EP’s and writing for artists around the globe. Adam rose to the social media spotlight when his hit single ‘Way Above The Skyline’ peaked at a high of 1 Million streams on sound cloud within the first 48hrs of release launching Adam into viral fame throughout the internet. This lead to Adam featuring in an advert for AIB bank where ‘Way Above The Skyline’ was featured. 
 He is now working on his debut album titled ‘Infernal’ with executive producer Pual Saint and in the process of filming a theatrical movie in relation to his debut album. 
 Keep up to date with Adam through his website AdamDunneOfficial.com


Adam Dunne
Name: Adam Dunne


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