The Thespian

I love the stage; I have been doing it for years. Anyone worth their onions know that to be a thespian you need to do stage and I’ve always loved Broadway so it was only normal that I lean in this direction. Oga madam is my comedy brand. I just infuse some drama but this is a stand-alone. A pull-out act. It’s dance, music and, more acting. The stage is more tasking though. There’s no stopping and everything is live. You’re using your voice and body, projecting to the crowd.  For television, you need to minimise your actions to fit the screen. But on stage, you’re doing so many things at once; maintaining your lines, feeding the cast and entertaining the crowd

About Alero

Everyone has a grass to grace story and we enjoy seeing the finished product but we forget to tell the process before the grass and the grace. You encounter people who are beastly and treat you badly and you say you’d never do that but then you get up there and become the person you swore you’d never be. There’s also romance and intrigue in it. We have Ogbolo of Jenifa, Latasha Lagos, Gregory Ojefua, Nedu of Wazobia plus others and they’re all seasoned performers. We also have Kazeem Olawale, Board members band and SSD dancers from Kwara. We started rehearsals from almost the beginning of the year for dance and 3-4 months for drama and music. It’s my first original stage production. It was written by the head of the choreographers. K-dance. It holds on the 10th of November, 2019 at the Muson Center Onikan, Lagos