Through their unique music style and ability to adapt several genres in their sound, the duo AN_NA is well on its way to emerge as a popular act and take the music industry by a surprise

Montreal, Québec, Canada – June 30th, 2021 – AN_NA is a true force to be dealt with in the genres of Industrial, Experimental, and Electronic music. The duo has recently released a brand new album which is said to be their best work till date. With the release of the album and several other singles, AN_NA is looking forward to get maximum recognition as artists, and latch onto the hearts of Electronic music lovers worldwide.

Moving from France to Canada, AN_NA is an act in music which consists of two individuals – a couple. Both the artists, who go by the names of Anne and Alain, are extremely talented and have incredible expertise in various genres of music such as Electronic music, Experimental music, and Industrial music. The couple has been a musical duet for 30 years now, and are celebrating this milestone with the release of this new album. The album is full of tracks that are dominated by catchy beats, rich melodies, all sorts of electronic elements, and an overall blend of various musical styles and genres. This is why Experimental music is such a big part of the duo’s overall sound and production. AN_NA tends to play around with various styles and genres in order to adapt and come up with a totally unique sound. This sort of experimentation gives them space to evolve as artists and keeps them open-minded to new ideas and influences, which can be somehow incorporated into their own musical style to come up with something totally unique.

AN_NA is a considerably old act in the world of music. They have years of experience and exposure to music and other elements of the industry. Unlike many other artists, they have been going strong for 30 years now, and still releasing music. Surviving in such a cut-throat industry for this long isn’t easy, but AN_NA managed to cross the decades by staying true to their art and adapting a unique and creative style. Their main approach to making music was to focus on their main style while mixing all other influences they had. The result was the birth of a completely different and individual sound, and just like that, the duo found its direction. With the help of their artistic individuality, the musical duet managed to stay motivated despite being old.

After all these years, AN_NA is still happy to be here and glad to be making music they’re passionate about. They look forward to continuing their journey, and evolve even more as artists.

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AN_NA is a musical duet founded by Anne and Alain, a couple. They have been a musical act for 30 years now, and just released a brand new album which is said to be their best work so far.

Originally from France, the duo has now moved to Canada. Formerly, they both were a part of Alternative Punk Band ‘Armes & Cycles’. Deciding to go their separate way, the duo is now under the banner of AN_NA and integrates technology to their punk sound, inherited from the past.



Name: AN_NA
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: 15142205343
Full Business Address: 3820 Coloniale
Montréal, Québec H2W2B6



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