Robert started writing songs in English language in his 50s while learning how to auto-produce in my home studio. He emigrated from Italy to Australia in 2010. Shifting to Australia helped him in finding his inspiration and to let the music in his head out in front of people. Music helps Robert to communicate, he grew up listening to the Beatles, Kinks, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Doors, Janis Joplin to name a few.

Melbourne, Victoria – June 7, 2021 – The chronology starts in Italy with some early experience in writing poems at school but Robert’s relation with music started when he began listening to the hits from the 60s, mainly the Beatles, Kinks and the Rolling Stones at home thanks to his father’s vinyl collection, but also some rock’n’roll  (Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly or Elvis) or R&B (Ray Charles). Robert remembers watching Yellow Submarine at 5 and being fascinated by the songs in the movie. He started playing the guitar when he was around twelve years old, with his brother Antonello who is now playing the bass/electric guitar and features in his records as well. Robert’s early music was also influenced by some Italian bands and singers he used to listen to in his early years like Nomadi, Fabrizio De Andre’, PFM and Lucio Battisti.

Robert’s new album will be released on June 7, 2021 and the title is “Ain’t Out of the Woods”. There are 12 tracks that he composed, played, mixed, and produced by himself. Robert’s brother Antonello helped him with bass guitar and some amazing solos. The final touch was made by Paul Fox at Indie Masters, Melbourne Australia. Robert’s roots are embedded in the Rock’n’roll with a pinch of Country and Blues.

Robert wants each of his songs to be a unique paint, coloured by strong topics like mental illness, loneliness, isolation, resilience, dissatisfaction, hope, memories, dreams, love, hate, redemption, forgiveness, life and death, relationship, desire, easiness, travels, nature, music, nostalgia, life and time. He lives in three different worlds now; family which is the most important aspect for him, work and music. Robert’s inspiration is to have one day his work life and music life to be part of the same world.




At 18 years old Robert had already composed several songs, mostly in Italian but also in English and still has all the lyrics in a carton box that is with him since then in all of his relocations. In 1988, Robert paid 100,000 Italian lire (about $250 of today) to have one of his first songs, “Tu Sei Qui”, professionally produced and recorded in just a few hours, then he went to a private TV studio to record the video as well. This is where his singing career started.



Name: Robert Durante
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