Straddling a diverse blend of music streams, Arman Ayva’s jazzy and groovy new single, “Playful Comebacks” is an expression of ingenuity

Montreal, Quebec, Canada —November 17th, 2023 – Arman Ayva’s energetic, jazzy, and groovy new release is one that defies boundaries and traditional musical conceptions, inviting listeners to a unique musical experience. Titled, “Playful Comebacks,” Arman Ayva’s new drop is characteristic of his distinct musical approach and inimitable creative spirit.

Devoid of formal musical education, Arman’s musical prowess shines through his self-taught mastery of instruments. Professionally immersed in technology and procurement, he is not just an artist but an innovator, crafting automation solutions.

Since 2011, Arman has been on an exploratory musical quest, experimenting with over a thousand tracks. His compositions, played by real instruments, serve as an authentic expression of his creativity, radiating positivity and offering an ideal backdrop for focused work or relaxation.

Influenced by iconic figures such as Marcus Miller, US3, Dave Brubeck, Shagi, Queen, and Chick Corea, Arman Ayva’s compositions transcend conventional boundaries. His music tells stories, evokes emotions, and creates an immersive experience for the audience.

Beyond the music, Arman actively engages with his audience. Arman encourages followers to be a part of the process, providing feedback and suggestions as new compositions take shape.

Arman’s recent release, dedicated to children, aims to bring joy to families. He plans to involve his little daughter in an upcoming recording, adding a personal touch to his musical endeavors. The next project promises a captivating adventure—a comic criminal story accompanied by groovy funk jazz.

Arman Ayva’s music is more than notes and rhythms; it is truly an invitation to break free from the ordinary, embrace positivity, and let the groovy vibes elevate the spirit.

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In the vibrant musical landscape of Montreal, Canada, emerges Arman Ayva, an innovative artist and composer breaking new ground in the realms of jazz-folk, jazz-funk, ambient, electronic, and experimental genres. A Canadian Armenian residing in Montreal with his family, Arman, nearing 50, brings a youthful energy and zest for life to his creations.

Despite lacking formal musical education, Arman’s self-taught journey led him to master instruments such as the piano and guitar. Since 2011, Arman has been crafting a unique musical identity, experimenting with over a thousand tracks and producing compositions intended to be played by real instruments.

Inspired by musical luminaries like Marcus Miller, US3, Dave Brubeck, Shagi, Queen, and Chick Corea, Arman Ayva’s music is a fusion of diverse influences. His compositions, brimming with authenticity, tell stories and radiate positivity, creating an immersive experience for listeners.


Arman Ayva
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