With his empowering new album “The Irreplaceable Album”, Akeem Worldwide is sharing his many creative talents with audiences around the world. 

Atlanta, Georgia — July 18th, 2022 – A bright flame of empowerment, Akeem Worldwide follows up on his captivating new release, “You Got the Power” with his debut album, “The Irreplaceable Album” which released on July 1st, 2022.  Spreading messages of love, unity, and happiness, this album is sure to become a hit amongst fans of Akeem Worldwide and is a fine new addition to his discography after tracks such as, “Among Us”, “Bigtime”, and “Never Let Them See You Down”. Akeem’s musical style echoes a unique and dynamic approach, through which he aims to go beyond any arbitrary artistic boundaries. Keen on experimenting and trying out fresh new styles, the promising artist is moved by the belief that every musician should experiment and create novel rhythms.

“Creating music is like cooking to me. You must try new ingredients to get a new taste, so my style is basically an open mind approaching every new beat,” says the artist about his music and new releases. Encouraging young artists to practice their craft, Akeem hopes that every budding artist finds something unique about themselves and sells that to the world. In 2022, Akeem Worldwide aims to continue working on new projects and see where the sky takes him and his musical collective. Moved by the notion that one should not live for oneself in life but rather their future selves, Akeem Worldwide attempts to master the craft of music as for him, “music moves the world”.

Some highlights from the album are Cray Cray, My Team, Far Away, The Good Life, Slow Down, Can I Come Home Wid U?, Ride Or Die, Irreplaceable, Blessings, and The Good Life – Remix. While these are just our favorites, the fourteen-song-album is one you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again, streaming every one of the tracks.

Cray Cray was collaboratively written by Akeem and Bobby during the pandemic about love during the lockdown. Times were crazy outside yet love and romance prevailed. Many couples can relate to this song. On My Team, there is a dual conceptualization of Akeem finding the woman of his dreams but also building the beginning stages of Akeem Worldwide as “the” brand. Far Away tells the story of Akeem Worldwide continuing to persuade his girl to come to be a permanent part of Team Akeem. It features remnants of the long-distance relationship vibes and struggles. 

The Good Life is a passionate song about the hustle and flow of the music business. Smooth with great production from Golden Gramz. Slow Down is a romantic vibe that is all about slowing everything down and embracing the moment. On Can I Come Home Wid U? uptempo production from Golden Gramz gives off the vibe of the club season.

Ride or Die is a story about how Akeem has to escalate an argument with his partner after she threatens to leave. Uptempo dope production from Golden Gramz with Akeem delivering smooth but tantalizing vocals and lyrics that are a far cry from his nonchalant rendition of Maxwell’s Whatever from the Urban Sex Suite on the I’m Leavin’ song. The most romantic and sad song on the album. Akeem delivers a beautiful song about losing love after making mistake after mistake. 

This album is a testament to hard with, resilience, faith, and being surrounded by good vibes. With the creator delivering blessings through Akeem. Recognizing flaws and imperfections, reflecting on mistakes, but also keeping eyes on the prize and expressing gratitude and seeking forgiveness. On The Good Life – Remix, fellow Music Village artist Jair teams up with Akeem on this remix to close the album in a triumphant and resilient flow. 

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Akeem Worldwide is a driven, up-and-coming name in World music, who is renowned for his stirring and exciting musical compositions. A Jamaican recording artist, songwriter, and composer, Akeem has roots in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as other cities across the United States.

The talented artist was always inspired to create music because of his father who, being a singer himself, motivated Akeem to actualize his musical skills and talents. Influenced by his dad, Akeem decided to sing and learn instruments as well.

Working with The Music Village, Akeem just released his stunning debut album titled, ‘The Irreplaceable Album’ on July 1st, 2022. The new album features 14 songs, including the artist’s recent single, “You Got the Power”, which was unveiled for listeners on Juneteenth.


Akeem Worldwide

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