Emotional and Conscious music based on love, heartbreak, Life and Spirituality

Birmingham, West Midlands  – May 18th, 2021 –  Artist Kwasi Manni just released his latest single “End this” on May 14th this year. Based on the themes of love, relationship, breakup, and heartbreak, this single follows the artist’s trend of making meaningful compositions.

Lyrically, End This is a song about bad break ups and moving on. The despair behind the lyrics and singing is balanced by the animated beat and backing instrumental work. Manni’s sense of rhythm works in tandem with the beat to give the song its own swing.

The talented artist’s music has a modern leaning and is a blend of several genres, including Reggae, Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and urban music. Creative and unique, Kwasi Manni artfully brings together several musical influences to develop a project that truly stands out. Adept at songwriting, the artist’s music is characterized by the fusion of old and new vibes, resulting in enjoyable contemporary soundscapes.

Kwasi Manni draws inspiration from his day-to-day life experiences, love, and God to develop meaningful content for his compositions. In fact, music is an important form of spirituality for the singer, something that is apparent in his passionate singing. The singer strives to inspire, motivate, comfort, and empower his audiences through his soulful and upbeat music blends. As a result, this young artist’s music becomes a potent escape from reality; listeners can take a break, sit back, and relax as they play Kwasi Manni’s music.

The weaving of diverse genres in this artist’s music style results in compositions that are not restricted to a niche audience. Instead, the music can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, universally – a goal that the artist actively strives towards. Moreover, the relatable lyrical content drawn from mundane experiences also makes for songs that everyone can successfully relate to.




Kwasi Manni, also known as Jahemblem, is an emerging independent artist hailing from Ghana, West Africa. Jahemblem is currently based in the West Midlands of the UK. The upcoming singer has a degree in Geomatic Engineering, although singing is his true passion. Jahemblem intends on pursuing this passion and making a name in the music industry.



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