ASIA/BANGLADESH – Theatrical work and music to announce the Christian message

ASIA/BANGLADESH – Theatrical work and music to announce the Christian message

Barisal (Agenzia Fides) – “In the district of Barisal, in central-southern Bangladesh, people traditionally love singing and music. In this area there are various theatrical works of religious nature and theme. The theatrical work of biblical content today is an important tool for us to announce the Christian message and is a valid aid for the work of evangelization”. This was stated to Agenzia Fides by Father Anol Terence D’Costa, Secretary of the Commission for Social Communications in the diocese of Barishal, talking about a recent seminar organized on the spot for priests, religious and above all lay people, in which the point was made on the activities of evangelization through theatrical performances and music.

“We have noticed that people go to the theater more than Mass. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to better organize this service as a form of missionary work”, explained Father Anol. Today in the diocese, theatrical and musical works on the life of Jesus, Mary and the lives of saints are very popular and attract many young people. Actors and musicians are mostly lay volunteers and this commitment was also highly appreciated by the Bengali Bishops.

Father Anol says: “We have launched an appeal to recruit directors, singers and actors and now there is a committee that deals with creating new scripts and plays”.

Ruben Dewri, a 32-year-old Catholic and young singer, tells Fides: “Singing is in our blood. We love to sing and so we preach the Word of God with songs. Faithful Christians and non-Christians come to enjoy our show”.

As Father Anol explains, the Commission for social communications, in this way, “seeks to respond to the mission of promoting the Good News of Christ through the means of social communication; to stimulate, develop and reawaken consciences; to inspire and form the Church staff to use the media”. (FC) (Agenzia Fides, 6/11/2019)