Asking For Forgiveness And Redemption On The Path To Improving His Relationship With God: Johnny Mo Gospel Releases New 14 Song Digital Gospel/ Christian CD Project “Jesus I Have Confessions”

Looking back on his life, Johnny Mo Gospel Asks for forgiveness from all those that he has wronged in his past as he takes an honest look at his life in “Jesus I Have Confessions”

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – August 30th, 2021 – Writing from a place of honesty and integrity, Johnny Mo Gospel spreads the word of the Lord in his new 14 Song Gospel/Christian Digital CD/Release “Jesus I Have Confessions”. Beginning in a somber retrospective mood, Johnny Mo looks back on his past, and in the method prescribed by Jesus Christ seeks to reform himself into a better person.

Throughout this journey he prepares himself to change for the better, and he takes on all of the wrongs that he has committed, and asks for forgiveness for them. Seeking forgiveness from the women in his life that he wronged by treating them wrong, to the people that he has treated in an unkind manner. Johnny Mo Gospel, states that the first change begins from within. As such his confessional tone strikes a chord with listeners, making them realize the change within themselves in order to better the world themselves.

Jesus I Have Confessions” makes use of its rich composition throughout the track in a manner that allows for the heavy lyrics to go down with ease. As listeners feel the need to listen to the song time and time again due to how potent not only the message behind it is, but how memorable the song as a whole is. Can’t fail to mention his high energy inspiring HIP-HOP Track ‘ROLLIN WITH JESUS” Watch the video and enjoy his unique style.

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In 2002, Johnny Mo was at a crossroads in his life, either he could continue his life as he had done before, or he could make a decision to devote his life to God and gospel. Making his choice, Johnny Mo has never looked back since, as he decided to change the trajectory of his life, and devote himself to gospel. When this started paying him dividends, he knew that this was the correct decision to make. As in 2003, Johnny Mo’s first CD release “A New Direction” debuted #1 NEW Gospel Release on Billboard Chart and was awarded the Billboard distinction as “HOT SHOT DEBUT”.

Making use of Christian imagery with honest tracks that speak to the soul of his viewers, Johnny Mo makes the use of Gospel tunes in order to give the most visceral experience possible to his listeners that is bound to transfix them into a state of bliss and make them come towards the light of God, and Jesus Christ.



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