Bamm Holt

by Howard Campbell

MIAMI – With his grandfather and father being singers, Bamm Holt always considered a career in music. However, rushing to get inside a studio and record a bunch of songs was never part of his plans.

It took 10 years for the grandson of reggae legend John Holt to get off the mark. Money Problems, his first song, was released October 25 with Bolt, his EP, scheduled for release in November.

According to 27 year-old Bamm, the worth was wait it.

“It feels great to finally let people hear my music, I have been looking for my sound for a long while. Now that I finally found it, it’s a blessing to share it with the world,” he said.

One More Thing, another of his songs, will be released prior to the EP which has tracks by various producers. Money Problems is produced by Alan Ulisses from Spain while One More Thing was done for Gold and Goals Productions, a Jamaican company.

Bamm’s sound, a blend of reggae and hip hop, are distinctly different from the lovers rock ballads John Holt and his father Junior Holt are known for. While he respects his lineage, he believes it is important to make his own mark.

“Being the third generation is a big deal, I think it’s a blessing but also causes confusion. My grandfather had his own style of music and my father followed in my grand-father’s footsteps so people expect the same,” he said. “Being the new generation, I have the reggae my grandfather left and a little of the new school I’m bringing to the table.”

Growing up in Jamaica, Bamm Holt (given name Scwayne Holt) admired his grandfather’s massive cache of hits which include gems like Stick by Me, A Love I Can Feel and Strange Things.

After migrating to the United States, he developed an appreciation for hip hop stars including Jay Z and Nas which helped shape the sound fans can hear on Bolt.

“I tend to speak about things that I have been through. If I haven’t experienced it I can’t speak about it, feels like I’m lying. Being humble allows me to learn in situations that most people can’t and sets me in the right position to be able to gain knowledge at all times,” Bamm explained.