The band that provided the magic for Joe Exotic‘s unique set of songs on ‘Tiger King’ has good news for everyone itching for more of their good musical vibes.

Vince Johnson of The Vince Johnson Band — who made up one half of the music duo who wrote and performed Joe’s tracks featured on the Netflix series — just inked an exclusive licensing and distribution deal with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group.

As part of the agreement, all those Joe tunes (which are actually Vince’s) will be compiled onto an album for the first time and be released on streaming services everywhere in the coming months. There’ll also be some new tunes, including a cut called ‘Killer Carole.’ Probably won’t be a big hit in Carole Baskin’s crib.

We got a little taste of this gem before it officially drops Friday — we’re thinking you can add this one to your back road country playlist. No sign of Joe, though, in the pseudo-music video — he’s a little tied up right now, unfortunately.

In any case, it’s great news for Vince and co. … whom, as we previously told you, were gunning for a record deal of some sort in the wake of the show’s massive popularity. Unclear if they’ve gotten signed to a label yet, but a licensing deal is kinda like getting halfway there.

Of course, Vince lost his longtime music collaborator — Daniel Clinton — who helped him pen a lot of the songs on ‘Tiger King,’ after he passed away from a heart attack late last year. Here’s hoping Vince does him proud with this streak of good luck going forward.

As for their latest earworm … play it again, boys!!! Earmuffs, Carole.