Except for the lack of a “Louisiana Theatre” marquee sign, not much has changed on the facade of the historic building The Basin Music Hall is occupying. Baton Rouge’s newest live music venue, planted in the heart of downtown on Third Street, is just what the Capital City was missing. 

“[Third Street] is where the majority of the action is,” says co-owner Brian Ott, who hopes to bring more live music downtown. 

Ott co-owns The Basin Music Hall with Jeremy Senn, who together created the idea for this music venue based on their love for live music. The name emerged from a collaborative effort, and it stuck. As the former owner of Uncle Earl’s, Ott has hosted live concerts before and is hoping The Basin brings that same exciting atmosphere to downtown Baton Rouge.

“We already have a couple private events booked because the layout people love it,” Ott says. 

The Basin gives off a clear old-New Orleans vibe, which is what the co-owners were going for. The venue has an open concept with two full service bars. The first bar is near the entrance, which opens up to a larger room with seating areas and a stage, and the second-floor balcony, which overlooks the new stage, contains even more standing room with the second bar in the back. 

photo source: The Basin Music Hall

The building was almost move-in ready for Ott and Senn, as the previous tenants — Club 1913 — had renovated it for their own art deco theme. Coming into it, Ott says there were few renovations, noting updated woodwork and bathroom renovations. He had other ideas he was hoping to execute, like a mural on the exposed brick inside or an outdoor balcony area, but faced constraints from being in a historic building. 

The space is perfect for hosting large crowds, and that it did. 

The venue had a packed house hosting Parish County Line on Aug. 30 for its opening night. From local and national acts to game viewings and comedy shows, Ott envisions having a variety of shows and events at The Basin to attract diverse audiences and bring more people downtown. 

photo source: The Basin Music Hall

“Hopefully [The Basin] just grows and grows and becomes a premiere venue to host private parties and live music,” Ott says. 

So far, the venue’s lineup won’t disappoint:

Sept. 12 – Serabee and The Blues Revival Band

Sept 13 – UGLY

Sept. 25 – Jimbo Matthus feat. Matt Patton

Oct. 3 – The Choir