The musical artist known as Beck is once again making headlines thanks to the release of his new music video for the song “Uneventful Days” on Wednesday. The Grammy-winning musician is poised to release his 14th studio album Hyperspace on November 22, and so far it sounds as if this record will be anything but a “Loser.”

The new video, directed by Dev Hynes, also known as Blood Orange, stars MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL and THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER actress Tessa Thompson and WESTWORLD star Evan Rachel Wood. Additionally, actress Alia Shawkat of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is also a part of the mix. For those of you who delight in spotting Easter eggs, you can scour the new video for nods to Beck’s other bangers, “Devil’s Haircut” and “Sexx Laws.”

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Personally, I’m really digging the new track. I’ve been a fan of Beck’s ever since the release of his third studio album Mellow Gold. My love for the golden-haired guru of sound was then confirmed when I saw him perform alongside bands like Tool, Orbital, Snoop Dogg, and Devo at Lollapalooza ’97. Over the decades, Beck has evolved into an artist of many colors. His musical catalogue ranges from harsh rock anthems to exploratory folk and hypnotic synth-infused songs for the soul.

Be sure to give “Uneventful Days” a listen, and mark your calendars for when Hyperspace lands on November 22.