Bernie Williams’ Not Gunning For MLB Manager Role, I’m A Musician!

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Bernie Williams will NOT be the next Carlos Beltran … so says the Yankees legend himself, who tells TMZ Sports he’s solely focused on being a musician — not an MLB manager!!

Hiring ex-stars has been the trendy move for clubs looking for a new leader these days … and with Bernie’s background, he seems to be a great candidate for a job down the road.

But, Williams tells us he has no interest in having that gig at the moment … saying his guitar has his heart!!

“This music thing has got me, man!” Williams says. “It’s got me really hard. And, I’m trying to be the best musician that I can be right now.”

If you’re unfamiliar, Bernie’s been shredding his guitar for years since his retirement in 2006 … and even got nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2009.

But, he’s clearly gunning for more in the music world … telling us that’s his passion right now.

Don’t get it twisted, Bernie’s still staying around baseball and says he’s always down to help Yankees hitters during spring training workouts in Florida.

So, maybe, never say never??