Bey T [Photo: Instagram @yungbeyt]

One of youngest female rapper, Bey T, is one to watch out for. The 19-year-old rapper and lyricits is among the new wave of music.

Having released her latest track titled ‘Just Admit It’ and other releases such as ‘If They Dunno’ and ‘Wololo’, she is having such a great year especially after many people noticed her when she featured in Khali Cartel 3.


In May, Bey T was in a heated beef with Media-Personality Cum Musician Tanasha Donna over the allegations that she stole the pharse ‘Kenya to the world.’

Bey T went ahead and dropped a diss track dubbed “Don to the Donna.”

“Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. It’s about clout chasers using the phrase when in reality they don’t give a fuck about the Kenyan music scene or the Kenyan music industry.” wrote Bey T.

Tanasha responded to the diss track in a sarcastic manner saying “I hear they wrote me a whole Love letter. I’m flattered.”

“Too much hate in this world. Jealous is a disease… they all start beef over a phrase they think they invented. A phrase used by so many artists in the 254. Beef over saying “Kenya To The World” as in when the homie called me to say that why she is beefing I was like what? What’s wrong with this world tho. What happened to empowering one another SMH,” Tanasha responded.

Tanasha Donna & Bey T

Pulse Interview

During a recent interview conducted by Pulse, Bey T talked about her beef with Tanasha Donna.

When asked what go her to drop the ‘Don to the Donna’ diss track, she admitted that it was actually her first time addressing the beef publicly.

“Basically, I had reached out to her on Instagram because I felt the tagline Kenya to the World and the hashtag #playkemusic was a good way to bring out Kenyan talent. The idea was to bring out the underdogs who are still trying to break into the industry, “she explained.

“However, she took the hashtag and started using it to promote her trash music. I tried to reach out to her to sort things out privately but she blocked me. She started calling me a ‘little girl’ and saying she didn’t know me yet she had tried to get me for an interview when she worked on radio,” the African Queen said.

Asked whether Diamond was also in the picture, Bey T admitted that Diamond encouraged her to the hashtag.

“She began posting stuff on social making me out to be a clout chaser so I had to address her via a diss track. I saw through her bluff and she had to be put in her place.” Bye T said.

Bey T was recently nominated by Empawa Africa, among the top 10 going to Cape Town for a masterclass in February, courtesy of Mr Eazi.