Inspired by Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, rising talent Elijah Mawli introduces himself in style to the reggae community with an upbeat single that really personifies the rhythmic nature reggae rock is synonymous with.

Kingston, St. Andrew – August 06th, 2021 – Reggae music, in all its Caribbean glory, is one that is deeply rooted in culture, and it is preferred by an audience that appreciates the glorification of beats and rhythms along with catchy lyricism and airy vocals. Elijah Mawli has certainly announced himself in the reggae rock community by proving, with his latest single ‘These Wings’, that he possesses the natural talent to make music which draws the listener in, and takes them on a very upbeat, catchy, musical experience.

Currently a recording artist signed to Eastsyde Records, Elijah Mawli looks up to his idols Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, and he wants to become a household musical icon like them. A man of many musical talents, Elijah loves and prefers reggae to other forms of music because pf its versatility, and because the rhythm is so natural and innate. His latest single, ‘These Wings’, combines everything he loves about reggae rock, with his own unique instrumentals and lyricism.

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Elijah Mawli is an up-and-coming reggae artist who is supremely talented. His favorite instrument is the acoustic guitar -something he has played since he was 8 and has now mastered it. He draws inspiration from simple things and simple experiences such as the ups and downs of everyday life. Elijah’s goal is to create music with longevity so that he may be remembered as an important contributor to the reggae rock community long after he has passed.



Name: Elijah Mawli
Email Address: [email protected]