Bremerton, WA — Bob & Fred started on new years day during the pandemic of 2020. They released their first EP “Seventh Time’s the Charm” on April 1st, 2020. Following up this EP with their new single, “(if you’re dust) So Am I ” which was released on October 1st of the same year. The two singles have accompanying videos that express pertinent contemporary issues. The two artists want to help people be more responsible and conscious about their day-to-day decisions.

Bob & Fred go way back. They have known each other ever since they were children and have a bond found only between close friends. They have also been creating music together for most of their adult lives. However, it is only now that they have decided to publish it and want to take their creative output to the next level. The music journey for these two friends started when during the pandemic, when life was at a standstill, Fred got a call from Bob about what he had been up to. Fred, who was in the middle of a composition, sent Bob a rough mix. Bob really liked it so Fred said, “if you like it so much why don’t you put a vocal on it”. The challenge was met head-on by Bob and the duo was born.

Returning to their music, the last two singles released by Bob & Fred are quite profound. They talk about crucial topics such as climate change and its global effect on vulnerable communities. These two singles have been well received by audiences and have received over 18k views collectively. Now, the next stop for Bob & Fred is to make a cinematic video for the EP track, “This Dinner Party.” Following this, the duo wants to cut two new tracks with the iconic producer, Timothy Eaton. Videos will also accompany these cuts at a later stage.

Bob & Fred have their hands full for now. However, they are always looking forward to reviews on their music and videos. The duo is also welcoming interviews. Fans can get in touch with Bob & Fred through their socials. For more information on Bob & Fred’s music, please click here.






Bob & Fred
Name: Fredric Vaughan
Address: 1553 Marine Drive, Bremerton, WA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2062342027




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