Bryan Persaud Delivers Classic Country With ‘Broken Down Romance’


New Country Album Available Now 


Ontario, Canada – July 20, 2020 –Those who love their country with a rock and roll spirit are in luck because that is what Bryan Persaud is serving up by truckload on his latest release, ‘Broken Down Romance,’ available now on all major music and streaming platforms

Bryan Persaud wrote, composed, and arranged all of the songs on his latest release, ‘Broken Down Romance,’ except his cover of Glen Campbell’s “Honey Come Back.” Listening to his new material, you’re a fly on the wall for the ups and downs of personal relationships that follow what Persaud calls “from youthful ideals to love and loss through the trials of life.” Songs like the title track and “Second Chance at Love” both paint vivid pictures of the tales they tell. “Broken Down Romance” laments the desperation of a lover pleading for their partner to love them again, while the latter tells the tale of recent empty-nesters with the chance to start their next adventure. While personal to Bryan, these are universal sentiments audiences around the world will be able to latch onto. Listeners will not only appreciate his classic songwriting, and melodies, but the power and emotion which he brings to the table vocally.

Powerful vocals have always made Bryan Persaud stand out amongst his peers. That teamed with his ability to craft stories and set them to song has made him a fan favorite throughout his career. From receiving major praise and play for his Top 40 Ourstage Country Charts song “Christmas Present” to writing two original songs and the musical score for a short indie film called ‘Mr. Metrosexual,’ he has been able to spread his reach near and far. 

Like many artists, Bryan had to readjust his plans in 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak but he is staying positive and busy writing new material and forming a new band to promote the album once things open up again. Those looking to help this veteran of sound with his upcoming projects, including production and promotion costs can check out his current Kickstarter campaign.

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Singing has been a part of Bryan Persaud’s life for as far back as he can remember. The London-born, Canada-based artist came into this world in the midst of the ‘60s. A magical time for music that in turn inspired him to start playing in bands by the time he was 12-years-old. Disco songs sung in the garage with buddies soon evolved to his first serious rock band, Liquid Pearl. They evolved into The Omen and by 1980 had recorded a few original songs for a local contest. Bryan Persaud continued playing in bands throughout his adult life and eventually found himself where he is today, a solo artist playing alongside a group of talented studio musicians from an outfit called Tunedesigner in Georgia on ‘Broken Down Romance.’

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