Capitalizing on his uncommon talent for music, ViennaCC spreads positivity and wins hearts with the release of his latest album “The Sun Comes Out – EP”

Vienna, Vienna, Austria — March 2nd, 2022 – Perhaps the most defining quality of a good musician is their ability to understand people’s sentiments and feelings and to articulate them poetically (and accurately) in the most beautiful and satisfying way possible so that the songs they produce are relatable and meaningful. ViennaCC makes doing this look like a piece of cake with the release of his latest album, “The Sun Comes Out – EP.” This album of 6 songs essentially captures the musician’s memory of the time before the pandemic and looks at it with a sense of nostalgia.

The artist uses examples of mundane activities of the time before the pandemic to remind his listeners how good times were before the pandemic shut everything down. At the same time, the artist shows his listeners what they have to look forward to when the pandemic finally comes to an end. For example, in this album, his song ‘When The Sun Comes Out’ talks about what it will be like when people move out of their homes and experience the mundane joys of life. Infused with upbeat rhythms and light, catchy lyricism, ‘When The Sun Comes Out’ is the song to blast all winter long, as listeners wait for the summer sun to finally rise. Coupling his unique lyricism with infectious instrumentals is the icing on the cake that allows ViennaCC to pave his path to hip hop stardom in a very saturated field of music.

Another extremely popular song ‘Twenty-Four Seven Love,’ which ranked 4th in the European Indie Music Network and was played on radio across 4 continents is also a great example of the true potential this artist holds.

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ViennaCC is an extremely talented songwriter, music producer, music video producer and photographer. Inspired by classical works such as Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, The Kinks and The Doors, the artist has set himself out on a mission to integrate positivity in his work and to create melodies that people would want to sing along to. The artist specializes in pop and rock music. This range and flexibility is due to the fact that the artist runs his own sound recording video studio in Vienna, Austria. This has allowed him the creative freedom to produce music the way he likes it and its no wonder that the artist can easily move across genres like acoustics, rock, and synthesizer music. Such versatility has also led the artist to become exceptionally skilled at playing pianos, guitars and tambourines.


Name: Heinz Riemer
Address: Andergasse 12A/2/11, Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4314844964


EP-Album The Sun Comes Out
Song When the Sun Comes Out
Song When the Sun Comes Out
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