Chester Bennington‘s music is currently worth more than $8 million … according to new legal docs filed by his widow.

Talinda Bennington submitted an appraisal detailing some of Chester’s assets to the probate court overseeing his estate. The docs, obtained by TMZ, show his music rights are worth $8,140,719.

The biggest chunk of that are his cut of current and future music royalties … worth $5.2 million. Another $1.5 mil is attributed to his net share of publishing rights, and $1.3 mil in songwriter performance rights.

Important to note, these numbers don’t take into account Chester and Talinda’s properties, bank accounts and other assets … it’s just a current appraisal of his music assets.

TMZ broke the story … Chester hanged himself in his home in 2017. He was survived by his 6 children and Talinda.