One half of R2bees, Pae Dae was on Starr FM with Bola Ray and Pae Dae is not too happpy with Ghanaians always comparing GH musicians to Nigerians.

According to Pae Dae, Nigeria is too huge and so always comparing GH musicians to them would feel GH musicians are very lazy and not doing anywork.

When asked by Bola Ray what makes Nigeria musicians to be far ahead of GH musicians, he said,

“Nigeria is huge, Comparism is making Ghanaians feel our GH musicians are not going anywhere. Take Nigeria out, and you would realise GH musicians are actually putting in the work. Just look at the population of Nigeria- very huge, just look at how Nigerians have been able to spread to other parts of the World.“

He continued,

“GH musicians are not lazy at all, we are very hardworking, and it’s just a matter of time; There is no structure here in our music industry, no investors unlike in Nigeria. In Nigeria, one big man can invest directly into your craft, but this doesn’t happen here in Ghana. We do everything by ourselves, it’s not easy at all, but we will continue to keep pushing.”