Tres Leches’ Alaia D’Alessandro (right) is one of the board members who’ll be selecting Musician’s Grant winners. Jake Hanson

Capitol Hill practice space Crybaby Studios is offering its Musician’s Grant for 2020. The quarterly award bestows three free months of rehearsal and recording space, which provides 24/7 access to a drum kit, PA, microphones, and recording software. The deadline for the grant application—which is here—is midnight, December 1. Here’s a portion of the CMG mission statement: “With the price of real estate in Seattle going through the roof there is little extra cash for artists to rent a music studio. The goal of this fund is to support the local music scene and to promote the importance of access to creative space for every demographic. Crybaby is thrilled to offer this grant so talented musicians can focus on their art without having to worry about making the rent.”

The CMG board members who’ll be selecting the recipients for 2020 are Crybaby owner Leigh Stone, KEXP DJ Sharlese Metcalf, Edward Wolcher (Town Hall curator of lectures), Alaia D’Alessandro (Tres Leches/AlAIA), and Marianne Goldin (DJ Emmanuelle). They encourage POC, LGBTQ, and women to apply. The winner(s) will be chosen no later than December 13.

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