Listen to Dead by Design’s Latest Music Shaking Things Up in the Heavy Music Scene

Seattle, Washington State  – April 30, 2021 – Dead by Design is a rising metal band best known for producing gripping metal rock sounds that suit modern times. Dead by Design consists of Austin Wendfeldt (vocals), Ed Mejia (guitar), Paddy Greene (guitar), and Mikus Pomerenke (bass). Listeners can tell the chemistry between the members, allowing them to create music that’s equal parts rage, catharsis, and social commentary.

Dead by Design is currently working on the launch of their new EP, ‘Into the Night’. The music is performed and written by the band, mixed by Brandon Buckley, and mastered by Federico Ascari. Every track will use the band’s iconic combination of clean and dirty vocals, ripping, articulate guitars, pounding, and stutter-step beats. Listeners will certainly find themselves headbanging to the music’s rhythm.

‘Into the Night’ is an empowering album for everyone sharing the same belief as the band about understanding the world from different perspectives. The meaningful lyricism in the backdrop of rocking beats will be a favorite among hard rock and alt-metal audiophiles. Dead by Design hopes to put their mark on the heavy music scene for countrywide and worldwide recognition.

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Dead by Design is an American metal band based in the Pacific Northwest, bringing the power of hard music to everything they do. Band members include Austin Wendfeldt (vocals), Ed Mejia (guitar), Paddy Greene (guitar), and Mikus Pomerenke (bass). Their tracks offer hardcore music lovers an original blend of alt-metal, hard rock, metalcore, and modern metal influences. They are currently experimenting with music that will design the future of heavy rock and metal as the industry knows it.




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