Sydney, NSW, Australia — Help him out with the debut single from BAWDEN – the music outlet of Australian musician Jason Bawden. It’s a song about tough life, hard times, and asking for help – a hand up not a hand out as per the lyrics. Family, hard work, and the great Aussie spirit of lending a hand when it’s needed and not being too proud to ask. This new release is a byproduct of covid lockdowns and the need for expression and creativity that every human needs.

The release date is 1st March on all major streaming platforms. Anyone can read the full bio at the Bawden website to absorb the full back story. The song resonates well and is relevant to anyone who cares for other people and has endured hardship through covid or any other form. Look for “Help me” out on any favorite streaming platform from march first or track down Bawden on all favorite socials FB ~ Instagram ~ Twitter etc.

Jason Bawden has already achieved a lot in his musical career to date, with tens of thousands of streams online, music placements on national TV programs, broadcast on radio, published press releases print/online, radio play online/community, and commercials. However, this is his debut release under the artist name BAWDEN. Music industry insiders and playlist curators have praised the song for its quality vocals and guitar work, plus its humanitarian message.

Bawden is a rock-hard rock artist from Australia known for quality guitar work and great vocal tone. Songs are well constructed and lyric content attempts to place a positive outlook on challenges that face modern society. Don’t be fooled not every song is trying to save the world instantly, just trying to make it a little better tomorrow than it is today. If everyone can do that then Bawden will be a success and everyone invite all to be a part of that success.

This new release is the first in fifteen years from Jason. It is a welcomed return to the music industry from which Jason has taken a well-earned break. High time to reconnect with old and new audiences, albeit in a very different music industry landscape, as technology has made impacts on the way music is consumed. So please consume “Help me out”, the first offering from Bawden.

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