A DJ who appealed for calm as a wedding party at a posh hotel descended into a massive fight has insisted: “The music was not to blame”.

An Instagram post from djhmusic said the DJ and their team did all they could to end the violence, which left some at the lavish celebration bloodied and bruised.

The shocking scenes unfolded at the Ramada Park Hall Hotel in Wolverhampton , just after 9.30pm, on Saturday, October 12.

Video footage – which has gone viral and been seen around the world – shows men pushing, punching, pulling and kicking each other as the sound of breaking glass and screams fill the venue.

DJH regarding the incident at the Ramada Hotel
(Image: DJH)

The DJ, from Kudos Music, later took to Instagram to deny their music played any part on the violence.

Djh music said on Instagram: “Unfortunately a fight broke out at an event I was DJing at yesterday (Saturday) and it’s sad to wake up to see rumours and fake messages on social media about what caused this to happen.

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“To clarify, the violence had nothing to do with the music being played or anything to do with myself and my team at Kudos music.

Chairs raised as brawl is in full flow

“As you can see from the videos circulating social media we tried out utmost to calm the situation down and get the guests to step away so fewer people would get hurt.

“We do not condone violence at any event especially our own.

“Please respect the bride and groom at this time, at what was mean to be a happy occasion for them.

“Many thanks DJH.”

Bloodied victim at the wedding from hell

Among the screams and sounds of smashing glass, a man was heard pleading into the microphone.

He says: “Everyone calm down now. Calm down. The police are outside, calm down. Everyone just keep stepping away.

“If you are not involved, please move away. Like I said, if you are not involved please move away. ”

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a disorder at the Ramada Park Hall hotel on Park Drive in Wolverhampton just after 9.30pm on Saturday (12 October).

“Three men were seen with facial injuries, although no-one has reported being assaulted.

“One woman was taken to hospital to be checked over, but was not physically injured.”

West Midlands Ambulance Service 

sent a major response and said said four casualties needed further assistance.

A spokesman said: “A teenage girl who had been working at the event was treated at the scene for a medical condition and injuries sustained in the disturbance.  After assessment by ambulance staff, she was taken to New Cross Hospital. 

“Two men in their 20s were taken to the same hospital with injuries sustained in the incident. 

“A man in his 40s, who had also been injured in the incident, was assessed but chose not to go to hospital against advice from the paramedic on scene.”