DreamScreen launches Kickstarter for HD & 4K Smart TV Surround Lighting!
DreamScreen launches Kickstarter for HD & 4K Smart TV Surround Lighting!

DreamScreen Launches 4K and HD TV Backlighting

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2017 — DreamScreen is back on the crowdfunding trail and ready to showcase its latest and greatest line of products. DreamScreen captivated the Kickstarter community in 2016 with its responsive home theater lighting effect—the project funded in 24 hours and raised over $380,000. DreamScreen is now excited to announce an upgraded kit that offers HD, 4K , DIY, and a surround lighting feature, called SideKick.

DreamScreen’s patented technology places LED lights behind TVs and computer screens that react to the colors the screen. The HD and 4K hubs use the HDMI video and audio and support HDCP encrypted content. The effect turns your TV shows, movies and video games into an incredible immersive experience for home theater and PC gaming. DreamScreen doubles the size of the screen, softens the picture and even makes watching television in the dark easier on your eyes. Reacting to the colors on the screen at 60 frames a second, DreamScreen’s technology allows viewers to enjoy a dynamic and vivid way to experience everyday TV. DreamScreen retrofits to any size TV and can connect to any device that has HDMI.

These latest Smart TV Lighting products are packed with features and advanced settings. HD & 4K allow up to 3 HDMI inputs and boasts CEC Technology, so users can easily toggle between their viewing devices without missing any of the lighting action. There are also several video and color settings for those looking to customize their setup. Music Mode now hooks up directly to sound systems using an audio jack and has bass, middle and treble color settings.

DreamScreen can be enjoyed in 3 different modes: Video, Music and Ambient Lighting. In the popular Video mode, LEDs react to the color pixels on the edge of the screen to extend your TV.Music Mode offers a visual way to experience your music as the LEDs dance to your favorite tunes; it offers four audio visualizers to boost your beats into a dynamic scene. Finally, Ambient Mode sets the mood through an array of colors and brightness. Viewers can choose from one of the exciting “Scenes,” with the TV on or off, for a glowing ambiance to any home or venue. User favorites include Fireside, Ocean, Holiday and Twinkle.

As the retrofit solution for Smart TV lighting, DreamScreen has extended the options for LEDs. The new FLEX LEDs allow for users to cut and connect the lights on any screen. Both HD and 4K hubs can support two reels of FLEX LEDs, which can cover screens up to 130’’. The original LEDs, in Classic (32’’ – 45’’), Mega (45’’ – 65’’) and Xtreme (65’’ – 80’’) will still be offered and connect to both Version 1 and the new HD & 4K models. Last, but not least, DreamScreen DIY now allows users to utilize their own LEDs for the experience, putting the lighting design into your hands.

Since every super hero needs a SideKick, that’s just what DreamScreen has brought to the home theater lighting experience. SideKicks are small high brightness LED lights that pair with DreamScreen via the WiFi network to offer surround reactive lighting. SideKicks offer even more immersion to the home theater and gaming experience and can be enjoyed with TVs or computers. SideKick can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone lighting feature that adds a powerful range of ambient lighting colors.

All products in this new line are controlled via a WiFi App, leaving the range anxiety of Bluetooth behind forever. Users can now utilize the grouping and naming features and take advantage of the advanced customizable setting such as Widescreen detection, Minimum Luminosity, Zone Control and Individual Zone Brightness and more! The App is available to download now on the iTunes and Google Play store, search DreamScreenTV.

DreamScreen utilized the crowdfunding community’s feedback and suggestions to design this new line of products. To thank those who supported the startup from the beginning, DreamScreen is offering an upgrade package as low as $65. HD kits begin at $65 and 4K are $140. These exclusive discounts are offered only during the Kickstarter campaign. DreamScreen offers this product to the crowdfunding community after completion of research and development, tooling and App Development, as well as a soft launch to industry techies, avid gamers and electronics reviewers. This campaign will launch in April of 2017 with shipping completion by mid-summer.

Kickstarter Campaign is Live at – kck.st/2pFUPun

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DreamScreen is a South Florida startup with a mission to change the way the world watches TV through LED lighting. In just over a year, DreamScreen has shipped thousands of units from their Bluetooth Version and are thrilled to offer HD and 4K technologies to the industry. Creators Rakesh and Kate Reddy and their team of engineers and designers love hearing from customers and home theater enthusiasts about their DreamScreen experience.

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DreamScreen Launches 4K and HD TV Backlighting