A singer from Dundee has unveiled her latest music video – filmed in front of the city’s V&A museum.

Demi Mcmahon’s new song “Baby Steps,” which features a group of drag queens, was released on November 19 and aims to promote a message of inclusivity and acceptance.

The performer, who also works as a healthcare assistant at Ninewells, said that she spoke to a number of drag queens who were getting “abuse” from random people on the internet.

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Demi performs.

“I was writing a song anyway and started thinking about what they were saying. So much of the time this sort of thing is brushed under the carpet and this song is relatable to their situations,” the 26-year-old said.

“The reaction has been great. I think the message has stuck with people. It’s about not letting people judge you.”

The backdrop of the design museum – and the video’s stars – provided a talking point for tourists and locals alike.

Demi said: “People were stopping all of them to say ‘can we get a picture with you?’ It was great.

“I had previously performed at Dundee Pride and Fife Pride and reached out to Miss Peaches to see whether she knew any queens who would be keen to get involved.”

Looking to the future, the singer-songwriter hopes to continue pursuing her music career, performing in local venues and writing more songs.