Talented Lithuanian icons take listeners from the depths of space and eternity, across time and perception, with intriguing new release, “OUR ASYLUM”.

Birzai, Biržų r. sav., Lithuania — January 1st , 2021- Few up-and-coming artists manage to make a mark on the fabric of Experimental, Electronic, and New Age. However, armed with a creative spirit and an artistic mindset, Lithuanian duo, Justinus x Cloudkey, is reshaping the very meaning of Pop music.

Bringing with their art an eerie and enigmatic vibe of mysticism, the Lithuanian duo channels a mysticism found within the quaint hometown of Biržai. Their newest release, “OUR ASYLUM” presents listeners the rich and riveting narrative of a human being who finds himself in a set of bones on earth and goes on to discover an endless chasm of secrets.

“OUR ASYLUM” highlights the discovery of emotions and human feelings, as a person wades through the trove of humanity’s history on the center of human bones. Like waves of a cardiogram, the enticing new single invites listeners to explore the intensity of human emotions and spur inward reflection.

Showcasing to listeners the many faces that one can wear and take upon in this world, “OUR ASYLUM” is an intriguing tale that is bound to send ripples in the genre and display the artist’s unique musical prowess.

Taking upon interesting tangents and themes, Justinus x Cloudkey paint vivid pictures across the colors of life, asking pressing questions and inspiring listeners to delve deeper into the mind and soul.

“It is a different concept of US, once the souls connect both in harmony and anarchy. How many faces do we wear in this world?” say the artists regarding their exciting new single.

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Justinus x Cloudkey are a fantastic duo making noise in Experimental, Electronic and New Age genres with their catchy rhythms and anthems. Hailing from the mystical town of Birzai, Lithuania, the talented artist draws into his music inspirations from his hometown-’a farmstead surrounded by wolves and forests, below the star-sprangled sky, with their cups of tea or beers, at their music studio.’

Taking listeners on a dynamic voyage through space and time, the artist’s newest releases delve them deep into the depths of life, love, and feelings. With their memorable musical compositions, the duo poses to listeners a range of scintillating questions: Could a simple prayer tell us HOW the hope travels? Could an eye of the sun make us believers again? Could we wash up our dirt under the moonlight? All becomes bare and real in their newest single, “OUR ASYLUM”.


Justinus x Cloudkey
Name: Justinas Simanavičius
Address: Skratiskiu 2 a, Birzai, Biržų r. sav., Lithuania
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 869618229


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinuscloudkey
Instagram: https://instagram.com/multipolars?utm_medium=copy_link
YouTube: https://youtu.be/d-f7WYOSc_o
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3rrLoiPtdf7eRsGttGsrTD?si=F8bW3rcyTeCcMr1MakP-dw&utm_source=copy-link


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