Having recently switched her musical identity from Snnyrain to julianne, rising singer and songwriter julianne is making her own imprint, amazing listeners with diverse phonetics and styles on her latest track, “get outta town”.

Delray Beach, Florida – July 12th, 2021 – Taking on a new face, changing her musical identity from Snnyrain, eclectic singer and song writer julianne is on the right track towards success. The dynamic artist encapsulates diverse lyricism, phonetics, and themes in her rich and memorable musical compositions, which cover a whole range of musical genres. Stunning listeners with Pop, acoustic, funk, jazz, R&B, Lo-fi, 80’s synth wave, Contemporary, indie pop, and others, julianne is driven to craft her own unique position in the musical world.

Marking her musical journey with new releases every 4 weeks, julianne is on a mission to be heard, appealing to a wide range of listeners and demographics. Following her insatiable passion to produce music, julianne spends much of her time penning down original lyrics, creating hip beats, and arranging melodies that strike through hearts, minds, and souls.

Her electric new release, titled “get outta town” manifests her dreams and her hopes of being taken by wanderlust, traveling, and exploring, and getting out of her town. A laidback and tranquil vibe encompasses listeners, as they confront the unbridled liberty that “get outta town” presents. An upbeat and melodic composition, the single is one chapter of the story that julianne wishes to share with world, rooted in transformative joy which she aims to spread manifold. Written and produced by julianne, along with co-producer Christopher Anger, the new single has been mastered by the genius of Randy Merrill.

“Get out of town is an upbeat song about taking a chance and living in the moment… My plans are big, and I am confident in who I am. I am julianne,” says julianne regarding her new release.

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A rising multi-genre talent, julianne is inspired to captivate listeners with her enriching musical compositions. Having recently graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Biology degree in 2020, julianne is engrossed in writing lyrics, producing beats, and arranging melodies. Moved by her passion to produce music in different genres and moods, the rising artist is looking forward to producing dynamic musical compositions, while expanding her fan base with each new release. Living with her dog Chicken in Florida, julianne is continually shifting perspectives, paying homage to life’s many new meanings.



Name: Julianne
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