Music Producer MWM partners up with The Outsidaz founding member for an electrical new release

Arvika, Sweden – December 22, 2020 – Emerging music producer and upcoming artist, MWM is all set to release the title “Life is a dream.” This latest release features Pace Won and K-Blitz and will be available for download and streaming across all major music platforms.

Even though “Life is a dream” has not been released yet, it already has the Swedish hip hop community in awe. The very presence of Pace Won and K-Blitz has resulted in palpable buzz. For those who do not know already, Pace Won is one of the founding members of the ‘90s legendary rap group “The Outsidaz” and him being featured in the latest release has drawn attention from not only the general Swedish hip hop audience, but also the fans of the “The Outsidaz.”
The sound engineering done by MWM has revitalized the magic of the featuring artists, resulting in the production of an epic song which is both feisty and interesting. This production stays true to MWM banner of SRL Network: “The Sound of Fire.”

Title “Life is a dream” follows the release of the song “Wake up Dead” which was launched on the 24th of November. Similar to the availability of “Life is a dream”, “Wake up Dead” is also available across all major music platforms such as YouTube and Apple Music. The release also has a dedicated teaser trailer which proved to be fairly popular amongst MWM’s fans.





The person behind music producer MWM is Mikael Wennerstrand. His artist name is Supreme M. MWM hails from a family of music enthusiasts. He joined Band B.T.B “Bite the bullet” in the late 90s but the musical heritage of his family dates way back. His great-grandfather received special recognition from the King Gustaf XI Adolf of Sweden for his music. He also founded the county music school which has been a birthplace for many Swedish musicians. Keeping up with the legacy, MWM has a strong attachment to music and is willing to produce custom-made beats for his clients.


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