Corey Antoine Anderson

Virginia Beach, Va. – 31-year-old Corey Anderson got into an argument with people outside of a nightclub in Virginia Beach, according to a search warrant.

It happened near the intersection of North Great Neck Road and Virginia Beach Blvd.

It states there was loud music coming his car and he was apparently asked to turn it down by employees and patrons but an argument broke out then things turned physical.

It says security guards broke up the brawl but Anderson is accused of walking back to his car and pulling out a gun and opening fire.

Bullets sprayed into a crowd of people just before 2 in the morning on November 3rd in the parking lot.

A nearby officer apparently heard gunfire and responded, records indicate.

Three people were found shot in the parking lot but survived, according to police.

The suspect fled.

A search warrants states earlier in the night the suspect allegedly told people he owned private security company.  

Police used that information to track him down soon after the shooting, according to the search warrant.

Anderson was arrested for three counts of malicious wounding and use of a firearm. 

He’s being held in the Virginia Beach Jail without bond and is expected back in court on December 2nd.