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This week, Selena Gomez released two new songs back to back and they quickly blew up, not only because they’re both bangers, but also because they’re totally about her ex, Justin Bieber. First came “Lose You to Love Me,” which called out Justin for moving on with Hailey just two months after breaking up with Selena. Next was “Look At HerNow,” which brought about the fact that Justin reportedly cheated on Selena when they were together.

When the first song came out, Hailey posted an Instagram story of a song titled, “I’ll Kill You,” and many saw it as a threat to Selena after dragging Justin in her new song, Hailey later denied that she was commenting on the music, calling the whole thing “complete BS.” In fact, Justin and Hailey are reportedly “trying not to give any reaction to the lyrics referencing Justin.”

According to E News, the couple have heard Selena’s songs, and the situation “isn’t ideal for Hailey.” However, both she and Justin seem to be understanding of Selena and her creative process.

Justin reportedly “understands that Selena is allowed to reflect on the past in her own way,” that being said, he has apparently “moved on from that chapter of his life.” Maybe then, all this drama can finally end once and for all.

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