Latest Album Is A Journey With God’s Love

Brampton, Ontario – August 20, 2020 – Christian music artist Hazeline Taffe is helping others feel reborn with the release of her newest album. “Finally” will reach the heart of listeners, encouraging them to make a positive change.

“Finally” is an uplifting album with many positive, love-filled tracks. The songs are an inspirational message supported by God’s love. The tracks range from spiritual anthems to songs to encourage people to inspire change in the world. Hazeline’s soft but powerful vocals reach the hearts of listeners with faith and hope.

Hazeline Taffe is a Canadian composer born in Jamaica. Her inspiration to make music comes from her personal struggles and how she has overcome these challenges. Hazeline has mixed together multiple music genres to create stunning musical pieces. She has released the following albums and EPs so far: “Finally,” “Finally Instrumentals,” “True Friend,” ” Strength n Dreams,” “The Battle of the Cov-19.” The theme of all her work is centered around change, and how people can all achieve it.

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