HBC Festival In Seoul, Celebrating The Art Of Live Music.

Hae Bang Chon Fall Music Festival will take place on Friday, and Saturday October 18th and 19th . Celebrating The Art Of Live Music. This is the second installment of HBC Fest in the 14th year of the Hae Bang Chon music Festival . Great lineup and some new additions for independent music. The definitive expat and international music and performance fest in Korea made up entirely of independent music artists and performers from Korea and a host of other countries. The festival began in 2006 as a showcase for expat musicians in the city to perform to larger crowds. It has grown over the years from humble beginnings. The ‘Fest’ continues to this day under the guidance of founder Lance Reegan-Diehl owner of DEELEEBOB Music and the HBC fest.

HBC is located in Youngsan-Gu, Sin-Heung-Ro one main street where the action happens from the very bottom of the road all the way up to the top or big bend by the IBK bank. The HBC area became very famous as a local expat and military hangout from 1996 onward, and the Hae Bang Chon festival has made the entire area blossom into a bubbly, busy place for all kinds of businesses to open as more people find it an attractive neighborhood to be in. The festival has always adapted to the demands of both musicians and venues.

Phillies Pub, Camarata Music, Pet Sounds, and Boogie Woogie, host the bands that perform on the larger sized stages, and the sounds range from blues, to rock, to jazz, and all points funky in between. The festival is known for the up close, small venue and intimate feeling you get from watching the variety of people perform. Local bands performing this fall 2019 include: Kimchi Cowboys, L.R.D. Band, Magna Fall, Malarkey, Disorder and Cargo Cult to name a few and a host of solo and smaller acoustic acts flushing out the acoustic stages. Acoustic stages are at Workshop, Hidden Cellar, Republic, Phillies Pub, Linus BBQ.

Safety has always been a concern with large crowds, and there has never been a single fest related accident or incident with cars and people during the entire run of HBC Fest for 14 years. Now there are sidewalks in the HBC area outside of all the fest venues, and everyone is free to walk from bar to bar without tape lines, or traffic issues. The festival is provided by local business owners who support this music festival and give independent artists a place to play. Boogie Woogie, Pet Sounds, Workshop, Hidden Cellar, The Cave, Phillies Pub, republic, Camarata, Linus BBQ, Casablanca Sandwiches, Morococo, DEELEEBOB Music, Bonny’s Pizza, and Hair Of The Dog.

The HBC Festival is a DEELEEBOB Music Production. The central point between artists, venues and business owners. Along with the supporting venues music sponsors include Sound Drive Amplifiers, Swing Guitars, Graphtech Guitar Parts, Olympia Strings and Straps, along with all participating business owners and Beer vendors.
The festival begins on Friday Oct. 18th with 3 venues hosting some live acts. Saturday Oct. 19th there will be live music from 4pm onward in the wee hours. Last act on at 1am. 10 live venues running for the Saturday. Celebrating The Art Of Live Music.

Entry to this music festival is free you can buy a T-shirt to support the festival.
For more details, including an updated schedule and list of performers, please visit the main website www.hbcfest.com and there is an event page on Facebook, which directs you to the schedule on the website.