A hip hop artist, Mutiu Raji, better known as Okiki Bright has called on his up-coming musicians, to shun drugs and violence if they want to make it in life.

Okiki gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja.

“Our profession gives opportunity to all manner of people to come on board, it’s an industry where you don’t necessarily need any formal education or training to succeed.

“It welcomes all, and as long as you are talented and focused, the sky is your limit.

“It also comes with fame that could make or mar you if care is not taken, so the advice to all, even to my humble self is to steer clear of anything that can put one in trouble and ruin one’s life“.

Okiki, who released the popular song `Gba gbe boshe sele’ used by most telecom giants said he’s also battling with and praying to God that success won’t get into his head and derail him from achieving his purpose in life.

“We are human and the tendency to misbehave or fall into temptations is there but it is only God that can help us.

“The journey into the music industry has not been easy. There are many ups and downs, distractions here and there but with God on our side coupled with hard work we will make it,’’ he said.

Okiki, who didn’t want to talk about his legal battle with 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and Mobileexcetera over illegal use of his intellectual property, ‘Gba gbe boshe sele’ as caller tune without his authorization said he is moving on.

“Yes, I instituted a suit, FHC/L/CS/1776/17 dated Nov. 22, 2017 at the federal high court, Lagos against some telecom companies but I will rather not talk about it for now but allow the judiciary do their job.

“I believe that the judiciary is the hope of the common man. so I am looking forward to justice being done.

“I have come out with another block buster titled “Chop make I Chop“, to keep myself going.

“My case in court has really affected me, but I trust God to see me through“.

NAN reports that who Bright’s track “Gbagbe Boshey Shele” featured the Musical Taliban Oristefemi.

The “Chop Make I Chop” song was produced by Alapomeji Ancestrial Record talented producer Olumix.


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