After 20 years of drag shows, dance parties and noise-rock freakouts, Prince Avenue institution Go Bar has announced plans to transition from a music and entertainment venue to a restaurant, installing a kitchen, covering the outdoor patio and adding daytime hours.

Confirming weeks of rumors, co-owner Tom Hedger announced the change in a Facebook post Thursday, saying, “We are hoping to be up and running sometime in the spring with a fresh look and new concept, and hope to see all our friends, old and new.”

Since it opened in 1999, Go Bar has been a haven for fringe music and culture, a queer-friendly dive bar known for its lively late-night DJ sets and popular weekly indie-rock karaoke series.

The club—a longtime favorite of many, including members of R.E.M. and other prominent local artists—has also become a home base for Athens’ experimental music community, thanks to its DIY-minded format and inclusive booking policy. 

The transition is scheduled to occur on Jan. 1, 2020, giving regulars one last New Year’s Eve to party into the wee hours.

“We would also like to thank all of our wonderful customers, countless bands, DJs and performers who have come through our doors and helped provide all of the years of freaky, funky fun,” Hedger wrote on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more details about Go Bar’s plans.