Players get a deeper taste of Madison and dozens of new features

NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 27, 2018 — Eek! Games today announced the release of House Party V.0.12.3 adding volumes of enhancements to the House Party game, including a complete character engagement and storyline behind the Madison character, wowing sex scenes, and plenty of new enhancements designed to engage and entertain players more than ever.

The players have spoken and are loving the new House Party experience, with a whopping 90%+ VERY POSITIVE reviews on Steam. As one gamer wrote, “The company keeps coming up with improvements on everything, from the stories to the graphics to the general atmosphere. Additions have so far come regularly and have been significant. Modders are also active adding their own content.”

The gaming community has embraced House Party for the refreshing game it is…an intelligent and challenging sexy PC sim game, acknowledging it as ”One of the most fun dating/hookup sims they’ve played.” House Party has come a long way since its Early Access debut in 2017 and has evolved into a fun and crazy real-world situation for gamers to enjoy without the morning hangover, guilt or trip to the local clinic.

According to Bobby Ricci, the CEO and Founder of Eek! Games, “This release is our biggest update to date, and we’re happy to be bringing players more story, more fun, and more choices than ever before!”.

The House Party game is certainly intentionally risqué in nature is this generational “American Pie™” meets “Porky’s™”, but it’s executed in a smart game about choices, which doesn’t insult your intelligence. Fun for males and females, alike, House Party delivers a unique gameplay mechanic through an advanced AI system where the player’s every choice influences the reaction and outcome of the game.
In October Steam also opened the way to a DLC patch allowing gamers to unlock the censorship in the core game and experience House Party in the way it was originally intended. Eek! warns its players that “terrible things are happening” when they unlock this ‘explicit’ version of the game, unleashing plenty of debauchery, sex and comedic fun between player and the zany, therapy-needing cast.

Eeek! has also added Spanish and German language subtitles, so we are about to see House Party expand into new territories to entertain millions of new gamers.
They have also evolved the Custom Story Creator, which allows players to create their own stories for the game. This feature enables players to create and share their stories with others who can play through new experiences and new character reactions for tremendous and fun replay-ability.

The community is also looking forward to new updates in 2019, when we can expect the in-game debuts of The Game Grumps and Lety Does Stuff as new cast members set to spice things up at the house.

The House Party gamer is available on Early Access on Steam at

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Eek! Games was founded by Bobby Ricci, an experienced programmer, in 2015, with re “House Party” as its first release. n 2017 House Party was launched on Steam, as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and over 300,000 in its first year, alone.

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