Some Call it Sinning, the Band’s Triumphant Debut Album, Has All the Makings of an Americana Classic

Seattle, Washington — For Seattle-based power trio Beatdown Saints, their music is a blend of both the familiar and the unique. The sound is decidedly rooted in classic southern rock, but it is in its essence the product of the chemistry between the three artists that create it. The band’s much-awaited debut album is indeed a labour of love and a manifestation of this collaborative spirit, a combination of “thunderous and fierce to dreamy and vulnerable”. Recorded at Equinox Studios in the Sodo district of Seattle, WA, and the band’s private studio in Sultan, WA, the record was both produced and engineered by Beatdown Saints. From the Bo-Diddley influenced beat on the cover of Journey’s “Lights” to the James Brown-esque groove in the verses of “Shoulda Stayed Home” to the 13/8 jam in the breakdown section of James Taylor’s “Country Road,” Beatdown Saints delivers soulful rock music that connects with audiences of all flavors. According to the bandmates, the motivation behind this record was to make an effort to capture the spirit of listening to the band live, which they believe is the crux of their musical journey. This means that the album features extended jams, guitar solos, improvisation, three-part harmony, and lively interchange between the three players. For the band’s loyal, ever-growing fan-base, Some Call it Sinning is the perfect album to listen to all summer long.

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Beatdown Saints has been gigging around the Seattle area for several years, delivering their organic flow of rock and blues covers and originals to the Pacific Northwest since 2019 in the adventurous, improvisational spirit of some of their favorite classic American rock-and-roll bands, like The Black Crowes, Grateful Dead, and Gov’t Mule. The band released its debut album Some Call it Sinning in April 2022, featuring bold Americana ballads, classic blues and snippets of the bandmates harmonising and jamming together, capturing the true experience of their live music.


Beatdown Saints
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