Update: The Cleveland-based alternative rock band Welshly Arms has just released a fan-centric music video for their new single “Stand”— a song the band wrote to unite and inspire people to band together.

To create the video, the band asked fans to take photos of themselves in quarantine while holding up a handwritten sign of one lyric from “Stand.”

The group received hundreds of submissions from dozens of different countries.

Many fans wore protective masks in their photos and mentioned how much the unifying lyrics of “Stand” meant to them during the COVID-19 era via public comments, posts and private direct messages to the band.

Henry N. McGowan (BoriRock, Ize, MAKA) directed and edited the video, which also uses previously unseen footage of Welshly Arms from prior tours.

Original Post 4/24/2020: Earlier today, the local alt-rock band Welshly Arms released its new single “Stand,” a spirited blues-gospel-rock song the band wrote “with the intention of helping to unite and inspire people to be thoughtful and kind to those around them without pre-conceived notions or prejudice.”

“Now, more than ever, we are in a time when the world needs to unite, and we hope that ‘Stand’ can be a reminder and a call to action to reach both inward and outward,” says frontman Sam Getz in a statement. “Our hope is that we can all start by removing the walls that keep us from accepting and loving our neighbor because of the way they look, or what their political, social, or spiritual beliefs are. By standing up and rejecting the prejudices and inequalities that plague us, we can make a more peaceful and just world to live in. This is where we come from, this is what we do. We’ve got that same blood, so just stand by me and I’ll stand by you.”

In addition to releasing “Stand” as a way of helping us cope with this pandemic, Welshly Arms has spent the past month sharing live performance videos on its YouTube channel.

Judging by the positive comments posted by members of its international fanbase, the videos have been well-received.

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