BirminghamLive readers have reacted with heartbreak after shocking footage emerged of the moment a heartbroken family was ripped apart.

The grieving family desperately wants you to see the video above so that you NEVER use your phone in a vehicle again.

Kerry Hutchison wrote on BirminghamLive’s Facebook page: “I will be honest, I have changed my music on my phone in the past.

“Thank you for sharing this I won’t ever be doing it again, I’m so sorry for your losses. Really opened up my eyes….”

In the video, Tomasz Kroker is seen changing the music on his phone when he ploughed into traffic in 2015, killing Tracy Houghton, 45, and her sons Ethan, 13, and Joshua, 11, as well as her partner’s daughter, Aimee Goldsmith, 11.

Surrey Police released the distressing footage in a bid to stop drivers using their phones at the wheel.

Kent Live reports Kroker, 30, was jailed for 10 years at Reading Crown Court after pleading guilty to four deaths by dangerous driving and a single count of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

After the lorry driver from Andover’s conviction, former Gloucestershire police chief constable Suzette Davenport said it was up to the public to make it socially unacceptable to use your mobile at the wheel.

Nationally, the number of mobile users who text, make calls and check social media accounts has risen and “distracted driving” is expected to be the biggest single cause of death and injuries on the roads.

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And on Facebook, Sally Eaton wrote: “I am so sorry you’re beautiful family has been taken from you I hope and pray that every one who drives sees this and it makes them stop and think sending you lots of prayers and hug.”

Kim Mahon added: “Absolutely devastating! My heart breaks watching this. The law needs to change regarding mobile phones, while driving. RIP xx”

Sarah Rea wrote: “Absolutely heartbreaking!!! 10 years !!!!! Very powerful message from family x he should of been given 4 x life sentences makes me sick x RIP”

Pamela Sansoni wrote: “So so sad R.I.P to the beautiful children and their mom x 10 years a joke should be life ! Make it 1 year if you caught using mobile phone and longer if cause accident and 20 years if cause one death”

And Jyoti Chinoy agreed, writing: “Oh dear Lord bless the departed souls. Breaks my heart. Law should get harder on mobile use behind wheels.”

The broken family are urging people to watch the moment a mother and her three children were killed.

The four were heartbreakingly killed by a lorry driver, who was using his phone on the road.

In devastating footage, he can be seen smashing into a row of stationary traffic while he looks down at his device.

The harrowing incident unfolded on the motorway.

The family who lost their lives were on their way back from holiday – reports Kent Live.

Sharon Richards wrote: “So heartbreaking & tragic how these people lost there lives in such a way . The family have been left completely devastated & heartbroken . And they have got a life sentence losing there loved ones . And this man got locked up for 10 years . And will be able to come out and carry on living his life”

Susan Clarke added: “So so tragic to lose all your family in tragic circumstances all because someone could not resist the urge to use it, I think anyone as soon as there getting into there car etc should turn the phone off until they reach there destination.”

Isobella Brocolli wrote: “I’ve always been afraid to drive because I had a fear of a lorry driver crashing into my car and wiping out my whole family. I’ve never seen it actually happen but it so easily can, I’m glad they shared this because I still see people on their phones”

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Margie Goodman added: “Very hard to watch but huge respect to the family who have shared their loss to warn others drivers about using their phones”

Lesley Ramsey wrote: “This made me cry i would never use my mobile whilst driving but i see drivers on their phones everyday they need to watch this so tragic…”

Sue Lewis added: “Absolutely devastating. 1 seconds bad choice. Words can not explain how awful this must be for the family. Much love you all!”

Claire Louise wrote: “Very difficult to watch, absolutely devastating! 10 years for 4 lives is sickening.”