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June 29, 2020 – After taking a break to focus their attention elsewhere, Philippe and Paul decided to get back together to rock it out once more with new music throughout 2020, the first being their stellar single “Haze.” 

Philippe and Paul first came together as Insane Blue just as the ‘90s got started, and started to take serious steps in ‘96 while at university. From then until 2003, the two of them provided the vocals and guitar and welcomed a plethora of guest artists to play alongside them. When they decided it was time to step back into the Insane Blue realm, they believed that was the way to move forward once more. With a handful of singles planned for this year, Insane Blue is aiming at a full-length LP in early 2021. 

Given that Insane Blue decided to regroup in 2020, they have had unexpected hurdles to overcome but have done so for their first single in almost two decades, “Haze.” Philippe and Paul worked from home on “Haze” alongside Chris Porro, who is best known for his work with Grammy-winners Arcade Fire. Distance aside, the result showcases the pristine tenacity of musicianship all around. With “Haze” out now, they are already planning on the second release of 2020; “Time.” For “Time” they are planning on working with musicians from Argentina, Belgium, Portugal, and the US. 

Those interested in adding new rock music to their playlists, featuring “Haze” on their site, or interviewing Insane Blue on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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