After many delays due to the influence of COVID-19, the international children’s music festival, hosted by MaySpace Music Academy, will be officially launched this month, but will only feature the piano contest, instead of hosting multiple other events such as guitar, western musical instruments, vocals and dance as in the original plan.

Due to the limited online form, MaySpace only organises the piano contest, while the rest will be held in 2021, the organisers said.

The online contest has opened for registration and candidates can apply for the exam at, with the deadline for submission to the preliminary round being July 31, while the deadline for submission to final round is August 30. The preliminary results will be announced on August 6.

Contestants will compete through sending videos capturing themselves playing piano for no longer than five minutes, as well as introducing their name and work. Videos can be posted on YouTube or contestants’ personal social media pages then sending a link to the organising committee.

In the case that the COVID-19 epidemic is completely controlled and there is an announcement on the end of the pandemic from the government, the final round of the competition will be held offline at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Some well-known pianists have been invited to be the jury at the festival. (Photo: NDO/Khanh Nguyen)

The judges of the competition include both domestic and international famous music teachers and artists from Poland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China) and Malaysia.

The competition is expected to give competitors an opportunity to interact with famous artists and teachers in the role of the jury, while helping them to develop their abilities and have the opportunities to compete at other international contests.

According to MaySpace, by the end of March, there were 125 Vietnamese and 43 international contestants registered to join the competition.