Through their compelling new tunes and incredible compositions over a period of time, the emerging band DEMEKANIK is well on its way to take over the world of Music by storm

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – July 26th, 2021 – Band DEMEKANIK is an upcoming group of musicians whose main areas of excellence is Eletronic, Pop and Rock music. They just released their brand new single titled “SORROW REMIX” on July 19th, 2021. Through this latest release, the band is hoping to showcase its incredible musical talents for music and dance lovers around the world to admire and appreciate.

“SORROW REMIX” was released this month along with a music video on YouTube. The video managed to garner well above 14k views in only 7 days, along with significant amount of airplay worldwide. The single is a blend of certain musical styles as Eletronic, Pop and Rock. The modern musical language in the form of new technologies has been incorporated in the single so professionally that it makes the song stand out amongst other Eletronic, Pop and Rock songs. The rescuing Rock’n’Roll elements in fusion with others rithms extracted from the great minds of the members of the band make the song something out of its own league. The members are professional musicians who have been in the music industry for a while now, making music and at the same time, absorbing different musical styles and varying sounds from all sorts of genres. Through their immense experience and exposure to music, the members mechanize certain sounds extracted from their artistic side, and come up with a creative sound that is completely unique to the band.

With the release of the brand new single “SORROW REMIX”, the band is striving forward to develop the DEMEKANIK project. The project is a way for the members to learn new styles and methodologies of music in order to apply this knowledge to their developing sound, incorporating all old and new technicalities in their music. DEMEKANIK’s goal with the project is to bring out feelings that never ceased to exist in people’s lives through the help of music. The band is looking forward to releasing new music, with brand new compositions lined up for release. They want to explore as artists, continuing their musical journey and meeting dedicated fans around the world.

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DEMEKANIK project has emerged in the endless study sessions of its creators: the instrumentalist, composer and vocalist, J. LEÃO and the instrumentalist, composer and producer, M. SANTOS.

By using digital resources for their rehearsals, they’ve played hours with a mechanical and virtual band built by themselves through all the technology offered to them by the modern world. Thus, as a result of this musical ambience, the band released its first single “SORROW”, a Rock Ballad, inspired by the personal stories and the nostalgia of the great names in Progressive Rock and various other influences of this timeless style.



Name: J. LEÃO
Email: [email protected]



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