Augusta, Georgia — Bandana is still dropping mixtape after mixtape. With latest release It’s Da Boss, Bandana to be exact.

It has been released on most digital platforms. He recently paid for a year of promotion on the world renown Spotify platform. He has an optimistic approach to developing his career an business.

Bandana quotes himself saying, ” I can cry a thousand nights for over a million years, and still have tears left for a million years.”

He says, ” Every day I struggle yet I strive to be more righteous one day at a time.”

You can purchase downloads of all his music on or stream from most digital distribution platforms.

Although Bandana has been through more than most early on in his career. He still believes he has what it takes to be a respected hip hop artist.

You may purchase my albums on or directly from my webpage as digital downloads from He also is giving away free downloads of several songs from different albums for joining his fanmail listing.




Bandana is a very talented hip hop artist. Although he has faced trials an tribulations he may very well be good enough to make it in the hip hop world as an artist.


Bandana Da Boss
Name: Bandana da Boss
Address: 919 Enclave Ln, Augusta, Georgia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7622258196
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