Ambient Music Is Food For The Mind

Santa Barbara, CA – July 21, 2020- Ambient artist James Anthony Walker has gently been taking fans to a new spiritual plane. His growing body of works is leading thousands of his listeners to self-discovery, grounded in his ambient soundscapes, which he and others have described as ‘watercolor washes in sound.’

Walker’s work is entirely produced in his home studio. Works like “Agape” and “Surrender,” which encourage our surrender to spirituality and our humanity through mindful presence. Future direction is focused on the development of works that serve to bring to light the interconnectedness of our humanity, through the incorporation of the common tenets of the world’s great wisdom paths.

Does his work, largely instrumental in nature, manifest his intensely personal vision? Perhaps his thousands of dedicated listeners have said it best:

”Surely the voice of God is heard in music like this because in it is love.”

“Thank you for the amazing trip to the Divine.”

“Gloriously serene. I am swept away by this wonderful artist’s music, each one in a different way. Thank you, once again, for sharing your gift with the world. It is profoundly needed.”

“So moving and ethereal. The music of this amazing artist is soul-stirring. What a gift to this world in such need of love.”

“It was a spiritual filling of the soul, and a soaring of the heart. Thank you seems somehow inadequate.”

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