Jewish Victims of Holocaust Tribute by Artist Yanay Prague

Yanay Prague; Wailing wall prayers of Holocaust 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic, sand on canvas

Yanay Prague; Dream about you, 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic on canvas

Yanay Prague; Quo Vadis, 120 cm x 90 cm, 47 inches x 35 inches, acrylic on wood

Jewish Victims of Holocaust Tribute by Artist Yanay Prague here, plus discussion with the artist of life after death among more in this exclusive interview.

On Haters & Critics: Just ignore it, and do even more art. Produce even more great work in spite of it. To fight against it, means to give more power to it by antagonism. By ignoring, it disappears.”

— Yanay Prague

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, October 29, 2018 — International Artist Yanay Prague, born Jana Jakesova, hails from Europe. With degrees from two two top arts schools, as well as a third degree from the the prestigious Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, Yanay Prague’s unique and popular work references Picasso’s cubism, infused with vibrant colors, and an uplifting tone greatly needed in today’s world.

Yanay Prague gives here an exclusive and insightful interview about her life and work, for The Hollywood Sentinel.

Hollywood Sentinel: Where did you grow up and what was it like for you?

Yanay Prague: I grown up in Czech Republic also known by name, Czechia; landlocked in Central Europe. It is a unitary parliamentary republic, with 10.6 million inhabitants. I was born in the capital and largest city; Prague, with 1.3 million residents. I was born to a very good family. My father was an attorney, and my mother was a nurse in a hospital. They cared deeply for my sister and I to be also be well educated. My sister is also an attorney. Even in a small country of about 30.5 square miles, we are proud of our culture in the arts and architecture, our history, and science. We are especially proud that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. It is really worth a visit.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. What are your other favorite places and cities to travel?

Yanay Prague: There are many places I would still like to visit. I appreciate the United States, particularly parts of Florida. I also like to spend time in the Bahamas; Sydney, Australia; and Johannesburg, South Africa. I used to live in Berlin, Germany, and so I visited neighboring countries including; Hungary, Poland, and Austria. To visit other countries makes me appreciate many people, and to see their original beauty, to make new friends, see the word from different viewpoints, and admire different culture as well. It’s very inspiring!

Hollywood Sentinel: Great. What are your favorite art museums and why?

Yanay Prague: I like almost all arts museum and galleries. When I was visiting Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the heart of Copenhagen, it amazed me at the displays of ancient and modern art in such truly unique surroundings. But still, my favorite is the National Gallery in Prague. Its history started in 1796, and today displays art in six buildings, and is a de facto museum by law. When I visit there, the energy from pictures just flows to me, and I’m so inspired by the spirit of these great masters, and in awe about all of the great artists throughout history, up to the present time.

Hollywood Sentinel: Excellent. Do you listen to music when you paint? If so, what?

Yanay Prague: I usually listen music when I paint. As to what, it depends on my mood. I am not any expert regarding music, but my favorite is Luciano Pavarotti, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, music by Mozart, Verdi, and I love Queen, and also Leonardo Cohen for his poetic music. Also Lindsey Stirling for her energy, and Kitaro, because his music is so soothing to the heart with a kind energy.

Hollywood Sentinel: And what are you thinking of when you paint?

Yanay Prague: It seems to me that I do not think when I paint. The picture is already in a sketch or in my mind to be rendered, and when I paint, it just absorbs me and takes me from present time in to another universe of aesthetics and happiness.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great. Amazing. Why do you think so many many artists are hated and criticized so much in society?

Yanay Prague: There are critics and haters in many areas of life, but there are also even more people who appreciate art because of how it makes them feel, it elevates them. Unfortunately among us is also a small percentage of people who are focused on destroying positive things, and artists are often a victim of these evil persons who covertly or overtly damage them. There is also envy of the success of famous people, and certain media which can also hunt and hurt them. Some people create, and yet some others destroy, because they are not able to create. It is a sick hunger for the affairs of those with a boring life for such destructive people, and more people in society need to learn not to go in to agreement with them. But I do not see this as a real barrier to popularity in the arts.

Hollywood Sentinel: Brilliant. How exactly do you think one can overcome this problem as an artist, of being hated and scorned?

Yanay Prague: When this happens, just know what is going on, and ignore it, and do even more art. Produce even more great work in spite of it. To fight against it, means to give more power to it by antagonism. Yet by ignoring, it disappears.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What do you feel happens to a person after they die? Will they be aware of anything
or what will it be like?

Yanay Prague: I personally trust life to continue after a person dies in a different form of YOU. There are many cases proving this. Surprise!

Hollywood Sentinel: Cool. How do you want to be remembered when you are gone this time?

Yanay Prague: As a good person who contributed, and helped others to live a better life.

Hollywood Sentinel: Beautiful. Thank you Yanay, we love talking with you and hope you will be back with us soon.

Yanay Prague: Definitely. Thank you!

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