Seton Hall’s K-Pop Club is a place for students to make new friends and have fun while learning about Korean culture. This year, the executive board has planned multiple meetings and activities throughout the year for students to enjoy.

Executive board members Jane Breslin, a senior physics major, and Alexis Candelora, a junior business major, encourage newcomers to try it out and attend a meeting or two.

“We want to have a place where we can have fun and explore and learn about K-Pop culture,” Breslin said. “We want to explore Korean culture in modern aspects.”

Photo courtesy of K-Pop Club
The K-Pop Club has a dance team that performs at various Seton Hall events.

The club was established five years ago to introduce students to Korean culture. The club has been growing and thriving ever since its first meeting. The two main focuses of the club are Korean music and dance. The club has a dance team that performs at various events such as the Rock-aThon and Parents’ Weekend. The team was even showcased at a Filipino League at Seton Hall (FLASH) dance competition.

Besides their dance team, the K-Pop Club also hosts weekly general board meetings where students can listen to different forms of Korean music and learn about the culture. The club is always welcoming newcomers, even if they do not know much about K-Pop culture.

“Even if you’re not interested at first, I suggest people give it a try,” Candelora said. “It’s a great way to discover new songs and artists.”

Daniel Szatkowski, a senior accounting and IT major, joined the club last year and is excited to be a part of it again.

“I hope to find another group of music to listen to and to expand my diversity of music,” Szatkowski said.

Although he originally joined because of his friends’ persuasion, he enjoyed his last year a lot and hopes to make new friends this year as well. Szatkowski did not know much about K-Pop music before joining and was happy with how everyone welcomed him without a second thought.

Szatkowski added that the club and members helped teach him a lot about Korean culture and K-Pop.

He encouraged students to join the club even if they know nothing about K-Pop. Szatkowski explained that he had no prior knowledge of Korean culture and was not the best dancer before joining. He added that he had “two left feet” before joining.

Nicholas Giaquinto, a freshman business major, is another member of the club. He says K-Pop has always been a passion of his, and he thought that the club would be interesting. He said that he wants to help create a safe and fun environment where anyone can come and experience all that the club has to offer.

Giaquinto explained his excitement for the upcoming year.

Giaquinto said, “I hope to make a lot of new and great friends that I can have during my whole college experience.”

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