It all started with a dare from a music teacher to write a hit song. That inspired Megan Freedman to pen a ballad honouring her roots — which is now sending her musical career to silver-lined heights.

“It’s been really overwhelming,” Freedman said. “I am really introverted, which is hard as a musician.

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“It’s been really amazing to just have my music heard by people who judge music from around the world, to think it deserves an award.”

Roots & Wings is an ode to Freedman’s childhood in California, but the video actually showcases the beauty of her new home in the Okanagan. It features her riding her bike past four locations, including Kalmalka Lake, and it earned silver medal status from the Global Music Awards.

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“With our actress Kailey (Merkley), the little girl (in the video), she was wearing a wig and she really looked like Megan,” said Carey Missler, producer DCD Productions.

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“Setting up the different scenes we lucked with the weather was perfect at all the different scenes we worked in.”

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The folk-country singer hopes the song inspires listeners to embrace their inner child.

“With this song, I just really want people to remember that it’s OK to grow up but to not forget that it’s also ok to be silly and still have fun,” said Freedman.

“Especially with this music video that stars a nine-year-old girl in it, she represents your inner child. Sometimes it’s hard to be a grown-up so it’s OK to go out, have fun and go play in the sand.”

Freedman will be performing at the Marmalade Cat café on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m. in Kelowna. For more on the musician, visit