Kodaline’s praise for One Direction
Kodaline’s praise for One Direction

Kodaline always knew One Direction would have successful solo careers.

Kodaline [pic by Luc Coiffait]

The Irish band co-wrote ‘Make It Feel Right’ with Harry Styles back in 2014 and said it was obvious that Harry, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik had the talent to go on to find solo success.

Drummer Vinny May Jr exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “We had a mutual friend with Harry, his now manager. He’s a really nice guy, he’s really cool. We’re good friends with Niall too and we talk to the other 1D guys and Zayn.

“You could always tell that they were gonna have their own big careers after 1D. Harry’s new stuff is just amazing and the same with Niall’s. They’re really talented musicians and songwriters and great singers so they were always going to do well.”

And Kodaline would jump at the chance to work with Harry and Niall in the future.

Vinny said: “We’d love to work with Harry and Niall in the future, we’d definitely be up for it. It’s just a case of when all of this [Covid-19 pandemic] stuff goes back to normal and to see if we’re in the same place.”

Kodaline have just released their fourth album ‘One Day At A Time’ and Vinny admitted they did consider delaying the release due to the uncertainty over the global health crisis but ultimately he and bandmates Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast and Jason Boland decided to go ahead with the record.

He explained: “It’s very strange to be releasing new music during this time but it’s been good. We were lucky that we’d just finished the recording process for the new album the day before Ireland’s lockdown was announced so we were really lucky.

“We had the conversation about delaying the album with our record and management company but for us it felt really unnatural to just stop. ‘Wherever You Are’ and ‘Sometimes’ had been released already, we were two songs into the lead up to the album and it felt a bit weird to just stop. Also the album was finished so we just wanted to go ahead and release it. We’ve been living and working with it for so long that we just wanted to get it out there.

“Fans of the first album will love this album. It was just the four of us, working together in a studio in Dublin and it was a really nice relaxed process. We didn’t have anyone over our shoulders about deadlines or wanting us to work with other people, we were left to our own devices to write the album we wanted to write. It was less stressful because there were no expectations from our record label.”

Kodaline’s ‘One Day At A Time’ is out now.