Professional multinational teachers provide children the opportunity to learn music

Children learn how to play the Qanun.

KUWAIT: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center announced yesterday the opening of a Music School for Children to develop their musical skills starting from September. Inauguration of the Music School will be in conjunction with the launch of the center’s 2019-2020 third cultural season and comes as part of the center officials’ efforts to sponsor talent, creativity and arts, said the Cultural Center in a statement.

A boy trains on the Oud.

Educational curriculum in the school will be taught by professional teachers from various countries to provide children, aged six to 12, the opportunity to learn music, the statement added. It will offer Western, Arabic music and multi-level programs for training on Western instruments such as violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano, in addition to Middle Eastern Takht, Oud, Ney, Qanun and Middle Eastern violin. The music school will embrace children’s musical talents, introducing contemporary and effective musical styles.

A girl plays the violin.

The Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center aims to nurture the musical scene as well as establishing children’s orchestra to highlight Kuwait’s music scene, it stated. The first scholastic year will start on September 15 and proceed until December 19. Anyone interested to join can do so by visiting the center’s official website ( The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, informally known as the Kuwait Opera House, is a prominent cultural center in Kuwait, located on the Gulf Road in the capital Kuwait City. It is the largest cultural center and opera house in the Middle East. – KUNA